With an emphasis on personal attention and professional service, Durrett Law Firm, based in Houston, Texas, is committed to helping people receive the compensation they deserve from their court case. Specializing in insurance claims and business litigation, Brant Durrett of Durrett Law Firm will give your case the time and attention that it deserves.


Business Litigation

If your company or organization finds itself in the midst of a business dispute, it is imperative that you have a knowledgeable and experienced business litigation attorney to protect your company and its assets. Houston-based Durrett Law Firm represents business in contract disputes, partnership disputes, licensing disputes, and trademark disputes. Durrett Law Firm provides legal representation in business litigation in all courts in Texas.

Insurance Litigation

If your commercial business, property or home has been damaged by a hurricane, flood, fire, or other disaster, call the Houston-based Durrett Law Firm. Insurance companies often deny, delay, or reduce valid insurance claim payments let us help you receive rightful compensation. Durrett Law Firm provides legal representation in insurance coverage litigation in all courts in Texas and New York.

I believe in fairness. I believe that the little guy should be able to take on a big corporation on an even playing field. That’s what I fight for.
— Brant Durrett