Hurricanes & Other Natural Disasters

On September 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike devastated Galveston, Houston, and the surrounding area costing Texas 48 human lives, thousands of homes, and an estimated $24 billion dollars in damages. Across the region, people returned from their evacuation to find their homes, businesses, and churches damaged by one of the most powerful hurricanes on record.

While most took comfort in the fact that their properties were insured against natural disasters, many soon discovered that their insurance companies would go to great lengths to underpay their policyholders, to deny claims, or delay the process. Texans affected by the catastrophic storm were finding that their last safety net - their insurance policy - would not save them from ruin.

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At Durrett Law Firm, we have spent the last two decades helping those affected by hurricanes and other natural disasters to fight for their rightful compensation from insurance companies. Unlike many other local law firms, we did not begin taking hurricane insurance claim cases in the wake of Hurricane Ike - instead, we have a solid history of case results that reach back twenty years.

Many people lost everything they had during Hurricane Ike - from their homes to their jobs to their loved ones. Even over a year after the disaster, many are spending the last of their savings and scraping by - all while waiting for their insurance companies to keep their contractual promises and send them payment.

If your property or business was damaged during Hurricane Ike and you are having difficulty with your insurance company, it is imperative that you speak with a specialized, experienced hurricane insurance claim lawyer immediately. Texas laws are tough on insurance companies, and there are both strict duties and strict deadlines that insurers must meet in regards to hurricane insurance claims. Let us help you hold your insurance company accountable for their broken promises.