Durrett Law Firm

With an emphasis on personal attention and professional service, Durrett Law Firm is committed to helping people receive just compensation for their rights. Specializing in business litigation and insurance claims, Durrett Law Firm will represent your interest in negotiation and litigation to obtain a recovery of you.

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Personal attention, professional service

All too often in larger law firms, clients find that their files are handed off to first-year associates or paralegals, their calls are redirected to assistant's assistants, and their questions and concerns are met with one-word answers. At Durrett Law Firm, we strive to provide our clients with a higher, more personal level of service. Your case is important to us. Mr. Durrett will be actively handling your case from beginning to end and when you call the office, you will speak directly with him about your case.

Choosing Durrett Law Firm means always being able to reach Mr. Durrett, personally, over phone or email if you have a question. It means having an active partner in building your case and finding a resolution. It means having the legal aspects of your case explained to your satisfaction and it means having control over the decision-making process.

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