Below are a collection of reports which may provide helpful information regarding business and insurance litigation. Take a look!

Reports by Brant Durrett


Texas Prompt Payment of Claims Act: Talk Softly and Carry A Big Stick 

This report discusses the Texas Prompt Payment Act. It identifies various deadlines insurance companies must meet when adjusting a claim. It also describes penalties that benefit the insured when insurance carriers fail to meet deadlines.

Risky Business: How to Protect Yourself in the Appraisal Process 

This report discusses the appraisal process found in most insurance policies and its advantages and disadvantages. It also describes things an insured can do to level the playing field with the insurance carrier in the appraisal process.

Business Interruption Insurance: Types of Coverage and How to Get Your Claim Paid with a Minimum of Time and Expense 

This reports discusses the various types of claims insured against under the business interruption coverage in a typical commercial insurance policy. It also describes the team of expert usually required to successfully present a business interruption claim to an insurance carrier.

Kick It Up a Notch: When a Lawyer Is Helpful During the Insurance Claim Process 

This report discusses the benefits of hiring a lawyer to represent you in the insurance claims process as well as in insurance litigation.

Reports by Others

Insurance Recovery after Hurricane Sandy: Correcting the Improper Depreciation of Intangibles Under Property Insurance Policies by Don Wood and John Wood

This article discuss depreciation in the context of an insurance policy. It explains the concept and describes its proper application to materials used in reconstruction of property damage.

Appraisal in the New World Order by Marc A. Ticer, Veronica Carmona Czuchna, and L. Kimberly Steele

This article published in 2013 discuss the development of appraisal law in Texas since the Texas Supreme Court's 2009 decision in State Farm Lloyds v. Johnson.

Guidelines for Handling Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment by National Electrical Manufacturers Association

This article discusses guidelines for handling water damaged electrical equipment. Generally, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association recommends that water damaged electrical equipment be replaced rather than repaired.

The Chamber Litigation Machine: How the Chamber Uses Lawsuits to Keep Americans Out of Court by American Association for Justice

This American Association for Justice report exposes the bias and hypocrisy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber uses its influence to deprive litigants of their right to justice and a trial by jury.

Tricks of the Trade: How Insurance Companies Deny, Delay, Confuse and Refuse by American Association for Justice

This American Association for Justice report describes common tricks insurance companies use to deny, delay and avoid paying insurance claims.

Property/Casualty Insurance in 2008: Overpriced Insurance and Underpaid Claims Result in Unjustified Profits, Padded Reserves, and Excessive Capitalization by J. Robert Hunter

This Consumer Federation of America report concludes that property and casualty insurers are charging consumers too much. By various measures, the report examines how carriers are gouging consumers.

Standing Up for Seniors: How the Civil Justice System Protects Elderly Americans by American Association for Justice

This American Association for Justice report discuss how the elderly and nursing home patients are abused on a regular basis by unrestrained corporate interests.