Insurance policies are meant to protect you in the case of disaster and property damage - but all too often insurance companies force their policyholders to fight for the rightful compensation that they need and deserve. Located in Houston, Texas, and serving the surrounding area, Durrett Law Firm represents those whose insurance claims have been wrongfully denied, delayed, or underpaid.

Survival in the wake of an unforeseen disaster can be overwhelming - your home may be unlivable, leaving you without a place to stay. Your business may have to indefinitely close its doors, cutting off your income. Your entire future may be uncertain. But during this unthinkable stressful and difficult time, your insurance company may try to take advantage of your vulnerable state by acting in bad faith.

What are some examples of insurance company bad faith tactics? 

  • Your insurance company fails to provide you with a reasonable explanation for the denial of your claim.
  • Your insurance company fails to conduct a reasonable investigation into your claim or does not investigate your claim at all before denying it.
  • Your insurance company fails to confirm, deny, or delay your claim in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Your insurance company fails to communicate important information about your claim to you.
  • Your insurance company offers you substantially less money than the value of your claim.  

At Durrett Law Firm, we work tirelessly to defend the rights of policyholders. We understand that after your property has been damaged by a wind, water, or fire, you do not have the time, energy, or information to fight the bureaucracy and red tape of your insurance company - and we know the tricks and tactics that they employ in order to keep your money.

Houston, Texas, is especially susceptible to natural disasters like hurricanes and tropical storms. In 2008, Hurricane Ike, the third most costly hurricane in United States history, devastated thousands of homes and lives throughout Galveston and Houston.  Other disasters can also lead to property damage and wrongfully denied or delayed insurance claims:

  • A pipe bursts in your office building, ruining millions of dollars of hardware and closing your business for weeks.
  • A kitchen fire in your home is controlled by fire fighters, but leaves your house and possessions severely damaged by smoke.
  • A tropical storm causes a nearby river to flood, leaving the first floor of your house water damaged and moldy.
  • Your house suffers significant foundation damage, rendering it useless - but your insurance company claims that you are not covered.
  • Your insurance company pays your wind damage claim after a powerful hurricane, but only gives you a fraction of what you are owed. 

Unfortunately, disputes, attacks, threats of litigation, and lawsuits can plague even the best companies. These disputes can be expensive, time-consuming, distracting - and ultimately bad for business. Finding an effective and knowledgeable business litigation attorney is key to obtaining optimal resolutions for these matters so that you may refocus your efforts, energy, and resources back to improving and expanding your company. 

With a 27-year history of strong case results and just settlements, Durrett Law Firm is dedicated to finding positive resolutions to our clients' business conflicts and business disputes. Representing those in the greater Houston, Texas, area, we can help you better understand the legal implications of your conflict, protect your best interests, right wrongs, and get you back to business.

Throughout the last two decades, we have assisted Texas clients with the following types of business disputes:

  • Contract disputes and breach of contract. When someone you do business with fails to honor the terms of a contract you hold with them, it can result in a major financial blow and business disruptions. You may be entitled to collect damages.
  • Deceptive Trade Practices Act Disputes. These business disputes involve deceptive, false, or misleading business practices including unconscionable actions and breaches of warranty.
  • Fraud and misrepresentation. Whether your business has been accused of fraud or whether your business has been the victim of fraud, an experienced business litigation lawyer can help protect your best interests.
  • Partnership disputes. Conflicts between partners can put your business and your livelihood at risk. Whether you are being sued regarding a partnership agreement or your partner has breached a partnership agreement, Durrett Law Firm can help.
  • Shareholder disputes. Shareholder disputes can be complex - and extremely damaging to the wellbeing and viability of your company. These internal conflicts often require the assistance of a seasoned business law attorney.
  • Licensing disputes. Licensing agreements can be mutually beneficial to both parties, but a disagreement about the terms of the contract can be very damaging to business.
  • Trademark disputes. You have worked hard to build your business and your brand - only to have your work comprised by a trademark conflict. Your product names, logos, and other trademarks can be some of your most valuable assets. Make sure that they are protected.
  • Trade secret disputes. A trade secret stolen by a former employee, competitor, or other person could be financially devastating to a company, especially if the secret is used or distributed by another entity.  

There are many aspects of building and running a successful business in Texas - and being represented by an effective business litigation attorney during business disputes is key to protecting your best interests, your employees, your customers, and your shareholders.