Adjusters the weak link in catastrophes

In a recent article published at, former Galveston lawmaker, A. R. "Babe" Schwartz is quoted as saying, "The weak link in it all always has been a lack of competent adjusters when a big storm hits."

Mr. Schwartz was commenting on his assessment for the failures of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association to respond appropriately to policyholders after Hurricane Ike in 2008.

"When castrophe strikes the service deteriorates."

I concur in Mr. Schwartz assessment; however, I believe additional factors complicate successful claim resolution. These factors include non-field representative approval requirements and complicated casual factors intersecting with policy coverages and exclusions.

Within this mix, homeowners are fearful that their homes will not be repaired and adjusters are fearful that their superiors will accuse them of over paying the claim. This confluence of events often leads to delays that might not happen in ordinary times.

For Mr. Schwartz' full perspective and informed comments read the article